SR Electric Drum Winch

Designed for High Speed and Extended Pulling

An equipment that offers delicate control & high acceleration without jerking. Perfect for various workplace applications, such as general factories, warehouse, construction, plumbing, agriculture, manufacturing and process sites that need plenty of general pulling and lifting job where overhead hoists or fixed installations are impractical.

Each winch is extensively tested before delivery, undergoing a dynamic load test using 125% of its rated capacity. The winches go through reduced voltage electrical tests as well as operational tests.

Certified by CE and ISO 9001 and comes in base mounted or suspended model. Selection of wide range of light to heavy capacities ranging from 160Kg to 10Ton in three phase or single phase.

Wire Rope
SR Winches are fitted with specially selected high strength wire rope for winching application.

Direct-shaft driving drum allow uniform winding and help extend wire rope life.
Enclosed anti-friction bearings ensure a quieter and smoother operation.

Braking devices are composed of electromagnetic spring pressure brake. Brake release occurs simultaneously with the powering of the motor and locks automatically when the motor’s electric power is turned off.

Gear Box
High efficiency planetary gear trains for greater pulling force.
Gears are heat treated for durability and corrosion resistant and operate in an oil bath enclosed in a high strength cast gear box.

Induction Motor
Mounted IEC induction motor offers ease of operation, durability, cost efficient and requires minimal maintenance. Equipped with a cooling fan for extended motor life.

Wide opening, excellent strength and tough with safety latch fitted that swivels through 3600.

Pendant Control
IP65 Water proof insulation.

Easy Wiring Connection
User friendly plug-in technology, no messy wiring and no experienced technician required.